If my three year old sees a beautiful fall leaf, she must have it.  

But it must stay outside.

Okay, you can bring it in the car but it's not coming into the house.

Fine, you can bring it into the house but it has to stay at the table.

You can't bring it into the playroom. No. Okay, you can bring it into the playroom, but don't make a mess.

Can you guess the ending to this story? And can you guess how many beautiful fall leaves we have found this year?  That's a lot of vacuuming ( but I sure appreciate the motivation to clean the house, so thanks for that:)

Needless to say, this fall craft was right up our ally. Fast, easy, and blowing through a whole 1% of our plethora of leaf bouquets. 

We opted for the chicks (because chicks rule), but take a look at some of these amazing creations kokokoKIDS (some other people who are much more creative than me) have put together. If you have the right shape of leaves, you can really make some amazing creatures. 


kidsWATER thinks that crafts and other creative activities are essential to a kid's overall well-being, and that exercising our brains is just as important as exercising our bodies.

You want the best for your kids, our mission is to Make It Simple.

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