These little turkey legs are a must-do this year for Thanksgiving!

Turkey Leg 11.jpg

Simple and adorable! Made with a notecard and a paper bag, these little turkey legs are by far the favorite thing at our kids Thanksgiving table every single year. When kids open them up, they will find tiny trinkets, toys, snacks, sweet notes of thankfulness, and anything else you can imagine to put inside. Let kids tear into these whenever you need to buy yourself some extra minutes of peace and quiet! 

Directions below:

Gather plain white note cards, brown paper lunch bags, scissors, tape, and a marker. Do you get the feeling that we maybe hid the "adult scissors" from the kids a little too well? :)

Turkey Leg 1.jpg

Fold the note card in half, and write a name or initial on the bottom open edge if you want to personalize it. Or leave it blank! That's even easier.

Turkey Leg 2.jpg
Turkey Leg 3.jpg

Make vertical cuts along the folded edge that go about halfway down the note card.

Turkey Leg 4.jpg
Turkey Leg 5.jpg

Take your paper bag and crumple it up. It's easy to overthink this part. I know because I always spend the most time on this step! Hahaha! It makes no difference if you spend 2 seconds or 5 minutes trying to get the right shape. It's still going to look like a crumpled up bag:) Just get in there and smoosh it up!

Grab a handful of little treasures, snacks, or notes and put them inside inside your turkey leg. Dollar store anyone?

Turkey Leg 7.jpg

Squeeze and twist the open end of the paper bag to create the shape of a turkey leg, then tape the note card around the end.

Turkey Leg 9.jpg

Separate and fluff up the loops on the end to create a cute little turkey bootie! (Yes, they are called turkey booties, we looked it up.) :) Congrats! You're all set! 

Happy Thanksgiving! xoxo

Turkey Leg 12.jpg