December is here, and if you're a busy mom (like us) there's a good chance it snuck up on you! And considering there is currently no snow here in Minnesota, it feels pretty crazy that we are already in the full-swing of the holiday season! It's just not right :(

Even though there is no snow on the ground this year, our kids are old enough to know that the first day of December means the appearance of an Advent calendar, and it's a tradition they look forward to every year. One of the best things about this activity is that it helps our family set intentions for what is important to us, and helps us carve out time for the things we really want to do when we are being pulled in one thousand different directions. Whether your family wants to focus on family togetherness, volunteering, getting outdoors, creating new traditions, or a mix of all these things, an Advent calendar is the perfect way to make sure the holiday season actually ends up meaning what you want it to mean. When you see our list of activities, you will see that we currently have a house full of animal lovers! We have several days dedicated to helping furry friends this year:) Asking our kids to contribute their own ideas gives us a great mix of traditions we do every single year and some fun new adventures that are meaningful to us as a family. 

Winter Flatlay 1.jpg

A few of our activities this year!

What are your family traditions? Share with us!


Here is the list we came up with this year! We hope it give you some inspiration in creating your own custom calendar to help you enjoy every last minute of this holiday season. 

Advent Calendar Ideas.jpg

One of our favorite new activities this year is a day of random acts of kindness, which was inspired by this video we recently saw by Kristina Kuzmic (who is amazing BTW!) What an amazing way to spend time with your older kiddos. Check it out!

We can't wait to hear the activities and traditions that your family loves to do every December. We would LOVE if you would share your best ideas with us so we can all be inspired!! Now, can we please all do a snow dance to get this white Christmas thing happening? :)


Lisa & Laurie - @kidsWATER