If I'm being honest, I actually really like the Superbowl. Family, friends, lots of good food, funny commercials, and sometimes a good game. It's a fab way to spend a Sunday evening!

Now my kids, on the other hand, are a different story. I'm pretty sure they would rather clean their room than sit and watch a football game. E.V.E.R. So imagine the happy dance we did when we discovered a way to keep the whole bunch of them interested (at least partially) in the entire game! Really, it was a pretty great dance if I do say so myself.

One word. Vegas baby! Or....two words?

Obviously, we're talking the Disney version of Vegas here, but they have the right idea:) Get the kids interested in the game by creating a list of kid-friendly prop bets and watch them WATCH THE GAME! I didn't believe it either, until I saw it with my very own eyes. This is a game changer (and yes, I like puns so I won't apologize for that:) Now when I say kid-friendly, I'm talking about very simple bets. No odds. No stats. Just yes or no. Heads or tails. Team 1 or team 2.  Each round has different points, and there is a last "big point question" which keeps everyone in it until the end. This rule got added after some learning during the first year:)

And to make it even more interesting, give a little something special to the winner (or loser for that matter!) One dollar, five dollars, extra screen time, a movie with dad, game night, mom has to clean their room......be creative! 

It's lots of fun to come of with these bets on your own, but let's be real. It's way easier to download mine. Print. Fill out. Score. Done.

I'd love to hear how your Superbowl Sunday went, and may the odds be ever in your favor.



Please enjoy this download of our kid-friendly bets for Superbowl LI - 2017.