It's the second week of school. Remember all those amazing ideas you had for Pinterest worthy lunches for your sweeties? too:) Insert eye roll here.

Ideas that are worthy of our efforts are ones that work with real life. And this kids menu planner might just be the solution you've been looking for! It gives you control over the choices offered to your kids but gives them the final say in what goes into their lunchbox. You can plan a menu based on things you already have, things you want to have, or use your menu to create your weekly grocery list! And if your kids are older, transition to using it as a tool to help kids pack their own lunches! (FYI, if your kids pack their own lunches, I will trade you kids.)

Kids Menu Lunch.jpg


Here is the menu we used for our first week of school. I asked my kids to choose their meals the night before and was able to pack them after the kids went to bed so they were ready to grab in the morning rush. No morning lunchbox effort makes this mama a happy lady. If you are in need of some inspiration, here is a quick list of some ideas for each category. Obviously, each family has their own likes and dislikes but here are some favorites in our house!

Kids Menu Lunch Inspiration and Ideas.jpg

Download your own blank menu, inspiration sheet, and order sheet below. Write in a few options for each category and let your kids choose their own lunch! Try it this week and let us know how it goes:) Did it make your mornings easier?